(j3.2006) Questions on interp F95/030 in (FORTRAN 2003 TC1 WG5 N1636)

Jim Xia jimxia
Mon Nov 26 17:20:29 EST 2007

I was updating my hard-copy of F2003 standard using WG5 N1636 (Technical 
corrigendum 1) when I noticed the following paragraph.

I struggled to understand the point of this sentence: are we saying that a 
user defined function call is allowed in an initialization expression? 
Subsequently I went through section 7.1.7 several times and I can't find 
anywhere it lists a non-intrinsic function as an initialization 
expression.  I tracked down the history of this interp and it turned out 
very interesting: the question was originally asked in paper 98-176 with 
regard to order requirement of specification functions in specification 
expressions (I may have another interp on the ordering requirement and 
will discuss it later).  The question remained unanswered until 2004 when 
paper 04-312r1 was passed.  It passed J3 letter ballot in 2004, recorded 
in paper 04-417r1.

Am I missing something here?  Can someone please explain what this 
paragraph really tries to say?


Jim Xia

XL Fortran Compiler Testing
IBM Toronto Lab at 8200 Warden Ave.
Phone (905) 413-3444  Tie-line 313-3444
D2/NAH/8200 /MKM
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