(j3.2006) a question about bounds of allocatable/pointer function array results

Jim Xia jimxia
Thu Nov 22 12:35:48 EST 2007

According to section 13.7.60, intrinsic LBOUND() would always return a 
value of 1 for function array result.  This seems to imply that an 
allocatable/pointer function array result, once returned from the 
function, always have a lower bound of 1 regardless the lower bound values 
it has had inside the function.  Is this a correct interpretation?  I'd 
like to ask for clarification on this issue.  Please consider all the 
cases that an allocatable/pointer function result can be used, including 
the following: to be associated with allocatable/pointer dummy-arguments, 
to be (pointer) assigned to an allocatable/pointer variable and to be used 
as the component data source in a structure constructor.


Jim Xia

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