(j3.2006) What IFIP WG 2.5 has sent to IEEE P754

Jim Xia jimxia
Wed Nov 21 21:54:47 EST 2007

Whether the debate continues or not is unknown now,
but we should be ready for the contingency.

This has nothing to do with radix= in selected_real_kind(),
only in ieee_selected_real_kind().

Is there more?

Well, as to radix and selected_real_kind(), what is the relationship 
between REAL types with a radix value of 10 in FORTRAN and decimal 
floating points in C -- from BIND(C) perspective?  Does Fortran intend to 
define types interoperable with decimal floating points in C?  I haven't 
heard anyone talked about this topic, but maybe it's because I'm new to 
the committee.  Please share your thoughts.


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