(j3.2006) finalizer infelicity

Bill Long longb
Wed Nov 21 17:57:48 EST 2007

I think the question here is whether the standard requires that, for a 
conforming program, the user is required to write the final routine such 
that it conforms to the rules for argument association.  I would say 
that, yes, this is required.  Just list the user is required to use a 
name that has fewer than a prescribed number of characters.

The constraint I thought you wanted added by the interp process was your 
suggestion that the final routine dummy argument had to be 
assumed-shape.  That's not acceptable.


Aleksandar Donev wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 November 2007 14:17, Bill Long wrote:
>> We should not, buy the interp process,
>> introduce new constraints that turn conforming programs into
>> non-conforming programs.  Interps are for interpretations of what the
>> standard means.
> Maybe I am misunderstanding something here. Does the standard explicitly say 
> this program is non-conforming or does that fall out of "oops, the standard 
> does not provide an interpretation of this program"? If the latter, I find it 
> much less convincing that we "changed our mind", rather, we lost our mind to 
> begin with.
> The thing Mike was picking a fight with ws the sentence saying the finalizer 
> will be invoked (even though the shapes do not agree). Why is fixing this 
> statement to properly account for shape mismatch outside the interp process. 
> Or do you honestly believe someone thought about this and decided only rank-1 
> arrays of length 2 of type T are allowed, but any size rank-2 arrays are. 
> Bizzare!
> Aleks
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