(j3.2006) co-array variable

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Wed May 30 21:21:32 EDT 2007

On Friday 25 May 2007 15:04, Bill Long wrote:

> The original intent of [197:13-15] (the result of considerable discussion
> and compromise) was to not allow array elements or structure components in
> this context.
After some discussion with Bill (I think) we've concluded that there was no 
such intent---the point of scalar is to restrict to atomic references and 
array elements and structure components seem not that different from scalar 
co-arrays (but maybe someone can again explain to me why array elements are 
not allowed as DO indices?).



The intent is that

IF(LOCKS(1)) ...

may be unordered with respect to the definition of LOCKS by other images. 
However, the references:

IF(LOCK(1)[1]) ...

must precede or follow the corresponding definitions by other images. The 
first one has a co-indexed reference and the second references a co-array of 
nonzero rank. 

Similarly, I believe


should require segment ordering, but


should not.

This is all weird, but such is VOLATILE. Allowing non-atomic unordered 
references to VOLATILEs would lead to even more weirdness if not plainly 
contradictory semantics.

Granted, one can say ALL(volatile_array) already in Fortran 2003 and different 
elements of volatile_array may change at different times (externally) and 
lead to weirdness, but then this is outside the standard. Since co-arrays are 
built-in they should have well-defined semantics even in the presence of 
weird attributes.


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