(j3.2006) co-array variable

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed May 30 20:35:57 EDT 2007

Bill Long said:
> Such things were not co-arrays by the old definition,

Probably not, (but the "old" definition only came into being at
m179, which is not *that* old).

> I don't think "co-array of rank zero" is materially different from
> "scalar co-array",  

The only difference is that it takes longer to say.

> It's wordy, but I think we need
> something like "scalar co-array with no subscripts or component 
> selection" as the replacement for "co-variable" on [197:13].

Unfortunately that doesn't quite work either; subscripts and
component selection *before* the co-array <part-name> are fine.

But now I look for it I don't actually see any normative words that
say what the co-rank of a <part-ref> is.  We've all been acting as if
it was analogous to rank ... which indeed is I believe the intent,
but there aren't the words in the standard to make it true.

We probably want words similar to those on p121, in particular the
first sentence of paragraph 3.

I will think about this a bit more, but on balance I think this
probably ought to be an unresolved issue this time round.  Even
if Bill and I *think* we've gotten the words right it should probably
be specifically reviewed.

........................Malcolm Cohen (malcolm at nag-j.co.jp), Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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