(j3.2006) referencing co-array variable that is an ultimate argument

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Thu May 24 18:06:43 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 23 May 2007 17:27, Malcolm Cohen wrote:

> If you wanted the standard to only refer to what happens on a single
> image, coarrays should be a supplemental standard, not integrated.
The standard specifies what happens within an execution sequence and also the 
interaction between the different sequences. Reading the words you quoted as 
talking about all of the instances of the program together is perverse. First 
of all, "via the dummy argument" makes no sense in a multi-image context. The 
dummy argument is associated with the execution of a procedure, which only 
happens on one image. There is no "the dummy argument" on other images. In 
fact all of the stuff in clause 12 talks about a single execution sequence as 
argument association only happens on a given image.

In any case, the standard should not contain temporal designations such as 
"while", "when" etc. other than in the context of a single execution 
sequence. The different sequences are only ordered with respect to segment 
ordering, with no absolute temporal ordering (no global clocks). If there are 
words that talk about a "global" time and are not clearly qualified with a 
particular execution sequence, that should be corrected.


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