(j3.2006) paper 07-201r1 and 07-189r2

Dan Nagle dannagle
Thu May 24 10:42:02 EDT 2007


Whitlock, Stan wrote:
> Dan,
> 07-201r1 has the correct edits but didn't quoted the resulting new
> paragraph correctly - yes, "IEEE_INVALID is signaled" was removed.


> I find 07-189r2.txt in the Wednesday folder from meeting 180.  It is
> different from 07-189r1.pdf in the m180/Tuesday folder but I'll trust
> Van updated r2 correctly.

I can't find it in the Wednesday directory,
so if Van can send it to me,
I'll update the meeting and year directories.


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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