(j3.2006) Interp F03/0091

Bill Long longb
Thu May 17 19:27:39 EDT 2007

Van Snyder wrote:

>On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 15:12 -0700, Aleksandar Donev wrote:
>>On Thursday 17 May 2007 14:58, Van Snyder wrote:
>>>If its dimensions aren't colons, what kind of array is it?
>>>The only one that fits is an explicit shape array.
>>I had thought that "named array" did not include components? It is not clear 
>>to me just by looking at the text. It would make most sense for every array 
>>to be one of explicit-shape, assumed-size or assumed-shape, including 
>>components. In which case we need to undo what we did Friday morning :-)
>There's nothing to undo, since we rejected the answer to interp 0091 in
>May I suggest
>[78:16] Replace "a named" by "an"
>[78:21-22] After "a function result," insert "a component,".
>Look at [51:16-17], which says "a data component is an array if...", and
>at [51:18] where it explicitly references explicit shape.  It's clear
>that contemplates that an array component that is not a
>deferred-shape array is an explicit-shape array. 

That is not at all clear.  Having an <explicit-shape-spec-list> does not 
necessarily make something an explicit-shape array.   "explicit-shaped 
array" is a defined term [78:16], not a description.

> Either we have to
>mutilate so that array components aren't arrays (and I have no
>idea how to do so), or we have to repair  I prefer the

I don't see those as the only options.  An array does not have to be a 
named array.  Sure, if you change the definition of explicit-shaped 
array to include things arrays that are not named arrays, then you are 
forced to change the constraint that references that definition.  How 
many other places that also need changing is unclear. But why change the 
definition of something that is as fundamental as this?  The simpler 
option is to make neither of the changes on page 78 that are suggested 



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