(j3.2006) Interp F03/0091

Bill Long longb
Thu May 17 19:13:59 EDT 2007

The issue in the interp hinges on the term "named array" as used in 
04-007:[78:16].   Lots of things are "arrays", including components 
declared with a <component-array-spec> or a DIMENSION attribute 
04-007:[51:16], an array constructor, or an array section [107:26].  At 
least some of these are clearly not  "named" arrays.   By our usual 
meaning of "name" as a lexical token, something like struct%array would 
not qualify as a "name".  One might  reasonably conclude that 
struct%array was not a "named array" even if it is an array.

The main point of the discussion on Friday was that the question in the 
interp - whether len type parameters could be used in the 
<explicit-shape-spec-list> of an array component declaration, was 
already clearly answered by C442 [50:28-30].  (Well, ok, "clearly" might 
not be a good description of that constraint's wording, but Jim's point 
is still valid).  If you decide that an array component is not a "named 
array" then that's the end of the story, and there no issue.  If an 
array component is a "named array" then C542 and C442 are in conflict 
and that's the real issue that needs an interp.  


Aleksandar Donev wrote:

>On Thursday 17 May 2007 14:58, Van Snyder wrote:
>>If its dimensions aren't colons, what kind of array is it?
>>The only one that fits is an explicit shape array.
>I had thought that "named array" did not include components? It is not clear 
>to me just by looking at the text. It would make most sense for every array 
>to be one of explicit-shape, assumed-size or assumed-shape, including 
>components. In which case we need to undo what we did Friday morning :-)
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