(j3.2006) is there such a thing as a generic intrinsic function

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Fri May 4 17:26:43 EDT 2007

In the expression in the statement

	PRINT *, ABS(-13)

there is a function invocation.  
Is generic intrinsic function ABS invoked?
Is specific intrinsic function IABS invoked?
If both answers are yes, does that mean that a single invocation can have
two different functions doing the invoking?  

I assume it's agreed and ABS and IABS are
different at least in that the standard says that the former can take a
real argument and doesn't say that about the latter.

If we say that it is actually just the specific intrinsic function that is
invoked, in this case by using a generic name,  then we are getting closer
to the position that we don't need generic intrinsic functions to exist
qua functions.

	--Michael I.

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