(j3.2006) Does this need an interp?

Van Snyder van.snyder
Thu May 3 18:35:49 EDT 2007 at [76:10] says that a nonsequence derived type that does not
have the BIND attribute is an extensible type.

15.3.3 at [466:1ff] does not define C_PTR and C_FUNPTR to have the BIND
attribute or to be sequence types.

Therefore they are extensible.

Since 15.3.4 specifies that a Fortran derived type is interoperable if
it has the BIND attribute, but doesn't say "if and only if" it seems
that C_PTR and C_FUNPTR might be interoperable -- but then so might
other types that don't have the BIND attribute.

Do we need an interp (or interps) to clarify this?

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