(j3.2006) is there such a thing as a generic intrinsic function

Bill Long longb
Wed May 2 19:39:42 EDT 2007

I see "generic intrinsic procedures" at 04-007:[292:2] and "generic 
functions" used in the context of intrinsics at [291:17]. In addition, 
the heading for 13.5 is "Standard generic intrinsic procedures".   Close 


Michael Ingrassia wrote:

>Stop laughing, I'm serious.  Is there such a thing as a generic intrinsic
>function in Fortran?
>I see references to generic intrinsic function names and
>generic names of intrinsic functions.  But in both those cases it is
>names that are generic, not functions.  Section 12.3.2 
>adds definitions for generic interface and generic identifier.
>An intrinsic function would be a function which is provided as an
>inherent part of the processor.   Processors have to supply lots of (specific)
>intrinsic functions and lots of generic names and generic
>interfaces for them.
>But I don't see a reference to a generic intrinsic function, per se.
>Have I missed it or am I correct in thinking that would be an abuse
>of our technical language ?
>	--Michael I.
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