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Van Snyder van.snyder
Tue May 1 14:30:17 EDT 2007

Deborah sent me the ISO/IEC vocabulary.  Here it is, in case you want to
refer to it.  I suspect we're not allowed to put it at j3-fortran.org.

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Dear Van-

Enclosed is a copy of the standard you requested for INCITS J3's review.

When you disseminate the standard to INCITS J3, please make sure that
the below referenced copyright notice is included.

Best Regards-



Permission is granted by ITI to members of INCITS, its technical
committees, and their associated task groups to reproduce this document
for the purposes of INCITS standardization activities without further
permission, provided this notice is included.  All other rights are
reserved. Any commercial or for-profit reproduction is strictly


Deborah J. Spittle
Associate Manager, Standards Operations
INCITS/Information Technology Industry Council
1250 Eye Street, NW - Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
e-mail:   dspittle at itic.org
website: www.incits.org
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The project editor for J3 needs access to a standard to complete our
work.  It is our understanding that we're meant to get free access to
such documents.  Can you arrange acquisition of INCITS/ISO/IEC
2382-1-1993 for us?

Best regards,

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