(j3.2006) 07-007r1 has paragraph numbers in the margin

Van Snyder van.snyder
Thu Mar 29 23:18:01 EDT 2007

As an experiment, I revised the LaTeX macros used to set 007 to put
paragraph numbers in the left margin, between the line number and the

It's easy to turn it off or to change the style (even Roman numerals if
that's what we want).

When it comes time to produce a corrigendum, these will be useful, since
ISO won't let us put line numbers in the published edition.  The Ada
standard has paragraph numbers in the margin, and it's an ISO document,
so I think they'll let us publish with paragraph numbers in the margin,
although we might not be able to call them "paragraph numbers" since the
ISO guidelines define a paragraph as a body of text without a number.

I propose when we refer to things by paragraph number that we put it in
parentheses after the subclause number, since putting a dot between the
subclause and paragraph numbers results in an ambiguous reference unless
we have all of our subclause numbering conformant with ISO guidelines:
if a subclause has subdivisions, it bas to begin directly with another
subclause heading, not text.  E.g., the reference for 07-007r1:257:5-8
would be 10.1(2).
Unfortunately, I couldn't get paragraph numbering to work in notes.

Study how it looks and be prepared to vote at 180 whether to keep them.


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