(j3.2006) "Contiguous" doesn't quite do what I need

Van Snyder van.snyder
Mon Mar 26 15:56:23 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 09:34 -0800, Michael Ingrassia wrote:
> Well, if we needed a notion of "contiguous from dimension 1 through
> dimension i" someday, I imagine we could come up with a less error-prone
> syntax.  Something like
> 	dimension a (;, ;, ;, |||  :, :, :, :, :)
>                               ^^^
>                           three vertical bars as a visual "barrier"
> (contiguous in first 3 dimensions, all bets off after that).

This doesn't do anything to announce "I know the extents of the first J
dimensions, and here are the initialization expressions that specify
them -- and by the way, they're contiguous."

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