(j3.2006) "Contiguous" doesn't quite do what I need

Bill Long longb
Mon Mar 26 13:01:31 EDT 2007

Van Snyder wrote:

>If I have a contiguous multidimensional array for which I know the
>extent of the leading dimension is 3, or of the two leading dimensions
>is 2x2, and I do an operation on (1:3,:) or (1:2,2:2,:), any benefit the
>processor might have gotten from the contiguous attribute at least
>partly (mostly?) evaporates, because the processor doesn't know the
>extent from the declaration.  

If you are saying that explicit-shape declarations with constant bounds 
lead to more efficient code that assumed-shape declarations, then I 
certainly agree. In the later case the processor has to extract the 
extent from the dope vector, involving one memory reference.  But more 
advanced compiler technology is needed to make any use of the actual 
value in generating optimal code.  Same is true for explicit-shape 
arrays if the bounds are variables.

>It has to assume that the spacing along
>the second (third) dimension comes from the (product of the) length(s)
>of the earlier dimension(s).  

Well, the compiler does not generate code to  do the products each time 
- only once when the array is allocated.  That computed spacing 
information is also in the dope vector - one more memory reference, 
though probably from cache by this point.

>This will lead me to clutter my code with
>#ifdef's that result from experiments that determine whether it's better
>for a particular processor to peel loops or exploit contiguity, since
>none can do both.  What a dog's breakfast we're making.

I'm not sure how any of this relates to loop peeling - maybe loop 
unwinding. Either of which is independent of contiguity.  I don't think 
we (j3) are making a dog's breakfast.  Sounds like this particular code 
might qualify, though.


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