(j3.2006) iso_varying_string conforming code?

Bill Long longb
Mon Mar 26 12:32:41 EDT 2007

I down loaded the iso_varying_string.f95 file from the fortran.com 
website (author Rich Townsend, with help from Laurie) and got a 
compilation error.  The module defines a generic interface:

  interface len
     module procedure len_
  end interface len

In the module procedures there are specification expressions that 
reference LEN with a non-character argument, clearly intending to 
resolve to len_.  However, the actual definition for len_ is later in 
the module.   This pretty directly violates 07_007:[156:7-9].  The same 
text is in f03 via interp f95/30 and Corrigendum 1.  If the len_ 
definition is moved to earlier in the module then it does compile.

Is it intended that the iso_varying_string.f95 code be standard conforming?

Do other implementations accept the current form? (i.e. ignore [156:7-9] 
as an extension)?

If it is broken, should the code out there be fixed?


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