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Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Thu Mar 15 20:17:43 EDT 2007

The 754r ballot process is a little different from the ISO
processes we're used to; obviously, it's an IEEE standards process.
Here's a summary of the status from http://754r.ucbtest.org
with thanks to my colleague David Hough.  You might want to consult that
site for more information.

To replace the withdrawn standards ANSI/IEEE 754-1985 and 854-1987,
an IEEE 754R working group of about 150 mailing list members,
of which 30-40 were active voting members,
developed a draft standard 1.2.5 for Floating-Point Arithmetic.
The 754R working group recommended that draft to the
IEEE Microprocessor Standards Committee on September 21, 2006.
This working group thereby completed its labors and is now dissolved.

After further editing by IEEE,
MSC referred a revised draft 1.2.6, dated 28 November 2006,
to a Sponsor Ballot group, consisting
of 84 individual experts representing various standards constituencies.
By the closing date of 28 December 2006,
72 members of the Sponsor Ballot Group had cast votes and submitted comments on
draft 1.2.6, approving it overwhelmingly.

A Ballot Review Committee of 7 members
reviewed the roughly 300 comments submitted with ballots,
and initiated a recirculation ballot with a new draft 1.3.0 dated 23 February 2007.
The balloted draft 1.3.0 is only available to Sponsor Ballot group members.
By the closing date of 10 March 2007,
72 members of the Sponsor Ballot Group had cast votes and submitted
over 100 comments on draft 1.3.0, again approving it overwhelmingly.
The Ballot Review Committee will consider all the comments received
for 1.3.0, and will either
deem that maximum possible timely consensus has been obtained,
or will further revise it and resubmit it
for another recirculation ballot,
along with all the comments that had been submitted.

 When maximum possible timely consensus has been obtained,
the consensus draft will be submitted to IEEE-SA RevCom.
See <a href="http://standards.ieee.org/guides/opman/sect5.html#5.4">
http://standards.ieee.org/guides/opman/sect5.html#5.4</a> for the details.

Questions about the process and status should be directed to the 754R
chair, Dan Zuras, ieee2007 AT nonabelian.com, or the MSC chair,
Bob Davis, bob AT scsi.com.

	--Michael I.

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