(j3.2006) Standing documents 008 and 011

Bill Long longb
Wed Mar 14 12:20:50 EDT 2007

Malcolm Cohen wrote:

>I cannot begin to describe how delighted I am that so much of my working
>over the Christmas and New Year "holiday" period has been so productive.

Because you did post the papers to the mail list, they did get put into 
(at least my) laptop '179' subdirectory and they did get read.  
Actually. they were pretty important papers in preparation for the 
meeting.  I agree that they should be on the server, especially for 
archival purposes.  But rest assured that your work was not for naught.


>In any case, not being the librarian, it is not my place to decide
>what to do about the situation with the three papers, those being
>  179-mjc-001 is "Other editorial changes"
>  179-mjc-002 is "Editor's report on 06-007r2"
>  179-mjc-003 is "Changes to standing document 011"
>By my reckoning these are 07-102.25, 07-102.5 and 07-102.75.
>But possibly others think differently.
>>he can post standing documents?
>I don't think that's really my responsibility, and I'm not up
>to fixing the web site to link to the right ones either.

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