(j3.2006) 007 formatting

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Mar 7 20:51:19 EST 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 09:26 +0900, Malcolm Cohen wrote: 
> Van Snyder said:
> > The attachment shows one page with paragraph numbers, line numbers, and
> > decorated page footer.
> Right.  It's rather horrible.  Unacceptably ugly.
> It is my view that having both paragraph and line numbers together is
> unacceptably ugly.  And there is no point in doing it.  There is only
> a point in having one or the other.
> I'd certainly like to give paragraph numbers a try, but I am not
> entirely convinced that 07-007r1 is when we should try it.  As mentioned
> before, the obvious time is the working draft that will be a WG5 document.
> The ugliness can be fixed easily (I surmise), just:
>  (a) get rid of the line numbers;
>  (b) lose the parentheses around the paragraph numbers;
>  (c) use the same font, or *maybe* one point bigger, than the one
>      we are currently using for line numbers (I'd think that
>      exactly the same font should be fine);
>  (d) place the paragraph numbers where the line numbers currently go.

The attachment 07-007-p61.ps is another one, with line numbers to the
left of paragraph numbers.  The paragraph numbers don't have
parentheses.  Paragraph numbers are \small, while line numbers are
\footnotesize, which I think is 1pt smaller than \small.  Both paragraph
numbers and line numbers are set in a sans-serif font, but I don't see
much difference from a Roman font.  I could move the line numbers a few
points to the right, but not many, because Annex A has 238 paragraphs.

Do we want paragraph numbers on constraints?  There are only five
references to constraints by number.  If we went back to just
"Constraint" we wouldn't have to worry about what to do about Clause 4
having more than 100 constraints.  With paragraph numbers, we could
still refer to them precisely, although more verbosely, e.g. the
reference (C404) in 7.1.11 would become something like (  The
attachment 007-p61-nc.ps shows how things might look without constraint


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