(j3.2006) 007 formatting

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Wed Mar 7 14:35:30 EST 2007

>The reality is that the official standard is pretty

Except for being normative!

If we ever discover that official standard says
"Thou shalt not" where final draft standard says "Thou shalt"
it'll be like a free card in poker ... we'll have our choice whether
to interpret away the difference or rely on the final language as
fortuitously solving some problem du jour.

Don't know about anyone else, but 
that suggests some pretty Machiavellian strategies to me.
I would want to be absolutely sure that draft standard and final standard are 
as identical as we can make them, and the more that layouts differ the less
positive we can be.  I'd give up line numbers if 
we could have identical draft and official standards with paragraph numbers.

	--Michael I.

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