(j3.2006) Line numbers and paragraph numbers in 007

Van Snyder van.snyder
Wed Mar 7 14:28:02 EST 2007

Bill was worried that line numbers might disappear from the 007 working

That has never been proposed.

ISO doesn't allow line numbers, so when corrigenda are published, they
have circumlocutions such as "the paragraph that begins..." or "the
seventeenth paragraph...."  That's what paragraph numbers are intended
to address.

When the draft goes to ISO for publication, it will not have line
numbers, but (hopefully) it will have paragraph numbers, so we could
refer to "4.5.1(6)" instead of "the sixth paragraph of 4.5.1" or "the
paragraph in 4.5.1 that begins "By default...."  It makes it easier both
to construct and to read the corrigendum if the paragraph numbers are
sitting there in the margin, instead of expecting one to count them.

(4.5.1 is on page 57 of 07-007r1, which page (I hope) I sent recently.)


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