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malcolm at nag-j.co.jp malcolm
Wed Mar 7 12:24:03 EST 2007

  Van Snyder <van.snyder at jpl.nasa.gov>

> I set up \insubsection (the macro used to set intrinsic procedure
> subsections -- which is also used in Clause 14) to mark footers with the
> subclause number and the procedure name, which I found to be very handy
> when scanning for a particular procedure.  Unfortunately, there isn't
> always room for both the clause title and the procedure name, so I set
> it up not to put the clause title in the footer in these cases.  Do you
> prefer to have the clause title in the footer?

Yes, definitely.

> I've turned off footer labeling altogether in the frontmatter.

The contents can have the "clause title" of "Contents",
"Foreword" for the Foreword,
"Introduction" for the Introduction.

> I've turned off putting the subclause number into the footer in the
> backmatter, except in Annex C, since there isn't much subdivision in the
> backmatter.

Better to reinstate for consistency.

> I assume that footer labeling will be turned off in the ISO edition,

No, the ISO edition is what we are doing this for.

> since they want their copyright at the inner edge of the footer,

No they don't.  The copyright goes on the inner edge of the header.
There should be no problem here.

Other standards use this exact same scheme...

> I've figured out how to do automatic paragraph numbering.

Sounds good.  Technically, I don't think ISO calls these
paragraphs (seeing as how the definition of a paragraph in
the directives is an "unnumbered subdivision of a clause or
subclause" - directives p15).  We're probably ok so long as
we don't use the term "paragraph number" in the standard itself

> The places that don't get paragraph numbers are
> frontmatter

The Foreword and Introduction should have paragraph numbers.
(i.e. just not the tables of contents, figures etc.)

> page headings and footings
> chapter, section, subsection, etc. titles
> list items (both enum and itemize)
> syntax rules
> constraints
> tables
> notes (unfortunately I couldn't make this work sensibly)
> backmatter except Annex C.

All non-index annexes should have paragraph numbers.
(i.e. just not the syntax rule index and the normal index.)

> In the case of a paragraph split by something like a note, the
> continuation gets a number, but I think this is harmless.

Those are separate paragraphs, so it is not just harmless but
required.  Anything that thinks it is a paragraph and has a
Note in the middle of it should be reworded or something.

> It would be useful to retain the paragraph numbers in the ISO edition,
> since can't have line numbers.

Absolutely, that's why we are doing it.

Having the official standard and our drafts both using the same
layouts is highly desirable.  Hopefully paragraph numbers will be
an acceptable substitute for line numbers at least for our (WG5)
working drafts and for interpretation processing.

> The attachment shows one page with paragraph numbers, line numbers, and
> decorated page footer.

Hmm, I didn't get this, but I'm not using my normal mail reader.
I'll try it again when I switch operating systems.

......................Malcolm Cohen.

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