(j3.2006) 007 formatting

Van Snyder van.snyder
Thu Mar 1 23:20:08 EST 2007

I've figured out how to get a subclause number into a page footer.  It's
not consistently the first or last begun on a page if several do so, but
it's always a germane one.

1.  Do you want this, at least in the drafts?

2.  If you want it, do you want it centered in the footer, or on the
interior edge (the page number goes on the outer edge)?

3.  Do you want (part of) the subclause title too?  This might be handy
in Clause 13.  I could do it only for the intrinsic procedure names and
not for anything else if that would be helpful.

4.  What font do you want?  The same as the page number, or something
smaller?  The same (sans serif) typeface, or something different?
Roman?  Italic?

5.  How many levels do you want?  I think at least 3 in Clause 13.  How
about in other clauses?

6.  Do you want it in the Intro and/or Annexes A-D?

Although this might make it faster to find subclause references, it
wouldn't help for constraint and note references.  Would you like to
have those references of the form "See Note 4.37 on page 68?"  This
would be easy to do for notes, because we have a macro that generates
note references.  It would be a bit more work for constraint references
because we don't have a macro that generates them (perhaps we should),
but there are very few.

Syntax terms are in the index, so I don't think we want to clutter the
text with page number references for them, nor do I think we want to
clutter constraints with page number references for syntax rule numbers,
since most constraints appear near the rules to which they apply.

Do you want a line under the page heading (it's trivial to add)?

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