(j3.2006) question about co-array definition and synchronization

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Wed Jun 20 14:11:03 EDT 2007

Consider the program

	X = 100

which is intended to conform to 07-007r2 syntax (but may not).
Each image defines its local piece of co-array X, in segments that I believe
are all unordered with respect to each other, i.e. can all be done in

Is this draft-standard-conformable?

If so, how does it not fall afoul of the rule [07-007r2:212:4-5]

>if a co-array is defined on an image in a segment in a segment, it shall
>not be referenced, defined, or become undefined in a segment on another
>image unless the segments are ordered.

Should the words say something like "the part of the co-array that is
defined shall not be referenced, defined or become undefined in a segment on
another image" ?  Or are they correct as written?

If the program is not draft-standard-conformable, does that mean that 
CAF will not support a distributed programming model where each 
image (mostly) handles its own local memory only?

	--Michael I.

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