(j3.2006) WD1539-1

Van Snyder van.snyder
Fri Jun 1 21:23:10 EDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 17:41 +0900, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> WD1539-1:2007 (or 07-007r2 for you) is taking shape, but not quite
> there yet.  Yes, I missed the end-of-May deadline.  Not by much I
> hope.

A reference to the deleted footnote 1 lingers in the heading for Table

The edit for 153:6-8 in 07-190r3 was trying to make sure that the type
parameters of the dynamic type are also considered, not the type
parameters of some type that is not specified to be either the dynamic
type or the declared type.

I still think it would have been easier to do whatever is necessary to
make C_PTR and C_FUNPTR have pointer components, as apparently
incompletely advocated in 07-212, than to repeat everything.

In 07-007r2, add "in the Class column" at 352:4.

"attribute" at [76:24] in 07-007r2 should be "attributes" (at least
that's what the edit said).

I don't think UTI 123 is necessary, but it may be desirable to have more
than just you and me look at it.  I'm curious why you substituted
"subcomponent" for "ultimate component".

The goal of the edit for [120:3] in 07-230 was to transmogrify the
sentence so as not to imply that an inaccessible named constant could
always be referenced.  The cross references are optional.

In 181-mjc-002 you claim that several new UTI's (117 onward) were added
by "109-mjc-001".  Should this be "181-mjc-001"?  It probably doesn't
matter since whatever paper you meant will ultimately get a real number.


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