(j3.2006) WD1539-1

Van Snyder van.snyder
Fri Jun 1 19:52:07 EDT 2007


Did you look at the spacing in the sectioning macros?  I think the
reason that subclause headings were coming out at the bottoms of pages
is that I reduced them a little bit between 179 and 180.  Maybe they
should be restored to their old values.


On Fri, 2007-06-01 at 17:41 +0900, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> Hi folks,
> WD1539-1:2007 (or 07-007r2 for you) is taking shape, but not quite
> there yet.  Yes, I missed the end-of-May deadline.  Not by much I hope.
> I have put the current version in the "edit" subdirectory on the gmu
> server (j3-fortran.org), along with drafts of my report and the changes
> to the UTI list document.
> Those with copious spare time are free to review it and send me any
> comments.  In particular, if anyone wants to run through the passed
> papers are check that I've either applied the edits as expected or
> explained (in the report) that I've done something different,
> please do so.
> The only things that are currently incomplete that I know about are:
> (a) 07-214: I've not even started checking to see which of these edits
>     to do yet - I will do that over the weekend;
> (b) the "Terms and definitions" section is partially done.  I plan on
>     converting a few of the more obviously missing terms over the weekend.
> I have also spent some time improving the hyperlinking in the document:
> please read the first part of the report (181-mjc-001.txt) for details.
> Of course, any comments on what I have done of the partial item are also
> welcome.
> The document is only available as PDF, but then I don't recommend printing
> it out unless you have too many trees.  I can produce a PostScript version
> tomorrow if requested.
> I intend to produce the final version early next week ... when I say
> early I mean Tuesday my time at the latest - which is Monday your time, so
> Monday is definitely the deadline for comments.
> Cheers,

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