(j3.2006) WD1539-1

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Fri Jun 1 04:41:38 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

WD1539-1:2007 (or 07-007r2 for you) is taking shape, but not quite
there yet.  Yes, I missed the end-of-May deadline.  Not by much I hope.

I have put the current version in the "edit" subdirectory on the gmu
server (j3-fortran.org), along with drafts of my report and the changes
to the UTI list document.

Those with copious spare time are free to review it and send me any
comments.  In particular, if anyone wants to run through the passed
papers are check that I've either applied the edits as expected or
explained (in the report) that I've done something different,
please do so.

The only things that are currently incomplete that I know about are:
(a) 07-214: I've not even started checking to see which of these edits
    to do yet - I will do that over the weekend;
(b) the "Terms and definitions" section is partially done.  I plan on
    converting a few of the more obviously missing terms over the weekend.

I have also spent some time improving the hyperlinking in the document:
please read the first part of the report (181-mjc-001.txt) for details.

Of course, any comments on what I have done of the partial item are also

The document is only available as PDF, but then I don't recommend printing
it out unless you have too many trees.  I can produce a PostScript version
tomorrow if requested.

I intend to produce the final version early next week ... when I say
early I mean Tuesday my time at the latest - which is Monday your time, so
Monday is definitely the deadline for comments.

........................Malcolm Cohen (malcolm at nag-j.co.jp), Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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