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Van Snyder van.snyder
Mon Jul 23 21:26:57 EDT 2007

I propose we nominate Mallory and Loren Meissner as Emeritus Members, as
allowed by Subclause of the revised RD-2.


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Dear Van ?


Below is an excerpt from the RD-2 regarding Emeritus memberships: Emeritus Members 

The Emeritus membership category rewards individuals for their extensive
contribution to standards activities and allows INCITS to call on their
vast history and talent for continuity following their retirement. 

Nominees for appointment as an Emeritus Member shall have served on an
INCITS TC, TG or SG for a minimum of 10 years, and shall have made
significant contributions to standards efforts. They must no longer be a
representative of a dues-paying member of the committee.

A nomination for appointment as an Emeritus Member shall be made either
by motion of the sponsoring subgroup or the Secretariat. The
recommendation may be proposed once the individual meets the above
requirements and should identify a short history of the contribution
made by the individual. Such recommendations shall be forwarded to the
INCITS Executive Board, which shall consider approval in a regularly

All Emeritus memberships are non-voting, non-dues-paying membership
established in relation to a specific TC, TG or SG. Emeritus Members may
attend meetings, speak, and submit contributions as an individual
subject matter expert. Emeritus members may receive all electronically
available subgroup documents, including meeting notices, draft agendas
and minutes; other documents are not required to be distributed to
Emeritus Members. Emeritus Members shall not have the right to hold any
office in INCITS or to participate in Executive Board activities
(including its subsidiary boards). Individuals appointed as Emeritus
Member shall continue to hold their Emeritus membership as long as all
requirements noted above are met, and as approved by the Executive
Board; an Emeritus Member may resign their position as described in
Section 4.2.5, Resignation of Membership. 

Emeritus Members shall not count in any calculations for quorum or
subgroup voting. A subgroup's membership roster shall identify Emeritus
Members. Each subgroup Chairman shall list all Emeritus Members as a
part of the subgroup's Annual Report. 



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