(j3.2006) Integration of co-arrays with the intrinsic shift functions

Bill Long longb
Tue Jul 17 19:11:36 EDT 2007

Craig Rasmussen wrote:
> To start off, I'll define a couple of terms and then present one  
> possible global view of a co-array declaration.  The definitions have  
> been borrowed from the very thorough paper, "An Approach to Data  
> Distributions in Chapel" by Diaconescu and Zima.

Chapel's domain concept could be a basis for enhancements to Fortran in 
the future.  However, I'd like to see some practical experience first.  
HPF jumped into this area and hung itself with a bad design.  Domains 
would layer on top of our current arrays and co-arrays.  Nothing is lost 
by moving ahead with the current co-array design and then integrating a 
coherent domain feature in the future.  There is certainly not time to 
start this (very large) feature for f08.


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