(j3.2006) Integration of co-arrays with the intrinsic shift functions

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Mon Jul 16 19:26:26 EDT 2007


> We should actually ?
> integrate co-arrays into the Fortran language and define SUM so that ?
> it takes a co-array as an arguments.
SUM already takes co-arrays as arguments. Co-arrays when referenced on the 
image in question are just like normal arrays. You'll have to come up with 
something more specific than this. Just make sure you don't break generic 
resolution for SUM or break the old serial SUM along the way. Also, SUM is a 
function, and so now we would have an intrinsic function with side-effects 

> It is simply amazing to me that ? 
> there is not a reduction intrinsic on a co-array that returns a ?
> scalar of the sum of all of the elements of a co-array.
If this is deemed useful we can add it to the existing CO_SUM by allowing 
RESULT to be a scalar even if the rank of the co-array argument is larger 
than zero. It sounds reasonable to me. BTW, the basic definition of CO_SUM 
has been in the draft for a long time...nothing secret about it.


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