(j3.2006) subversion repository for 07-007r2

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Fri Jul 13 05:09:47 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

The subversion repository corresponding approximately to 07-007r2
is now on the j3 ftp site in the edit directory, as F2008.tbz.

I say approximately, as due to a slight error on my part this
doesn't quite correspond to the actual 07-007r2.  Oops.  The only
differences are, I think, in the hyperlinks - there might be some
hyperlinks in the 07-007r2 that aren't reflected in the sources
and vice versa.  The actual text should be the same though.
My fault for not checking it back in the moment I was done, sorry
about that.

OTOH the sources are going to differ shortly anyway as I correct
typos that I've found or had reported to me.

P.S. If someone wants the LaTeX sources without wanting to install
      subversion ask and I can put those up there as well.

Malcolm Cohen, Nihon Numerical Algorithms Group KK, Tokyo, Japan.

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