Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Jul 11 20:11:51 EDT 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007 00:17:47 +0900, Jim Xia <jimxia at ca.ibm.com> wrote:
>                    The function IEEE_SUPPORT_UNDERFLOW_MODE can be used  
> to
> inquire whether this facility is available.
>  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The same sentence can be found in 07-007 at [455:16-17].
> I cannot find another place in the documents referring to this function.
> This sentence seems to mean IEEE_SUPPORT_UNDERFLOW_CONTROL.  I'm just
> wondering if anyone know if there is IEEE_SUPPORT_UNDERFLOW_MODE.  If  
> not,
> I'll submit an interp for this.

Please don't submit an interp for a simple typo.  Especially since,
in this case, the sentence is redundant anyway.  (The semantics of
IEEE_SUPPORT_UNDERFLOW_CONTROL are defined in 14.10.34, not here.)

> I'll do that for F08 too unless I hear Malcom saying otherwise

I've already marked up my paper copy of 07-007r2.

It will be fixed in the draft itself before the next meeting.

Thanks for finding this.

Malcolm Cohen, Nihon Numerical Algorithms Group KK, Tokyo, Japan.

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