(j3.2006) new file upload page for meeting papers

Dan Nagle dannagle
Thu Jan 25 08:39:30 EST 2007


Members may also upload files to the incoming directory
of the members login in the j3 server using scp or sftp.
(If you do and you want me to copy it to the web site,
please advise me you have done so.  TIA)

Please remember that it is helpful to have a working scp
or sftp during the meeting.

Files on the server are stored using the Unix convention
of newlines rather than the Windows CR-LF convention.
Windows users may wish to set the File Associations so that
Wordpad rather than Notepad opens .txt files.


Rich Bleikamp wrote:
> Dan and I have completed an initial upload capability for meeting papers.
> To submit a new paper for meeting 179 (and get a paper # assigned):
>  1) prepare a text file, putting a page # placeholder (07-xxx) on the To: line
>  2) browse to http://j3-fortran.org/upload.html
> See the upload.html page for a complete description of how to upload a file.
> To upload non-text files, or revisions to existing paper #s, or standing documents,
> please browse to http://j3-fortran.org/upload2.html
> Please send complaints, comments, bug reports, etc. to Dan and Rich.
> (dnagle at erols.com, rich at bleikamp.net)
> Rich
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