(j3.2006) e-mail reply default

Dick Hendrickson dick.hendrickson
Mon Jan 22 17:22:07 EST 2007

Several years ago, we had a long vitriolic argument about what
the DEFAULT reply-to should be for j3 e-mails.  Currently, (on
modern operating systems ;), the default reply-to goes only to
the original sender, not the whole j3 list.  I think this is
backwards.  The default should go to the entire list.  All too
often I see people responding to a response that I didn't see.
I assume that this is because the original responder hit
"reply to" instead of "reply to all" and then only the original
sender saw the response.  Personally, it is extremely rare that
I want to reply ONLY to the sender.  Essentially always I want
my reply to go to the entire list.

True, I can click a different button.  But, the j3 e-mailer is the
only one I routinely use that is backwards from my normal use.
What happens now is that many people click "reply-to-all" and
I get 2 copies of a response to one of my e-mails (because they
forget to edit the headers).  Changing the default will save
countless trees.

Since Dan is making changes to the web site anyhow, can we try
to rediscuss this at the next meeting?

Dick Hendrickson

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