(j3.2006) What I've done lately

Dan Nagle dannagle
Mon Jan 22 14:12:07 EST 2007


There is still some work to be done fixing the links
on the web site.  I'm still working on it.  With a little luck,
I will finish today.  We have a lot of rotating storage
all to ourselves on the server, so copies of files
isn't an issue.

I added a Google search box to the J3 home page.
This may reduce some of the complaining that J3 works secretly.
(Since I haven't noticed many volunteers for the Publicity subgroup.)
;-) ;-)

A basic automatic upload system is just about complete.
This will allow users to upload text papers to the server, and
update the document index by use of a button on a web page.
The initial effort is for text files only.  A paper number
is assigned automatically as a part of the update
of the document index.  The date is assigned automatically,
and the subject is copied to the document index.  Also, the paper
number in the upper right corner is set.  Rich has made some php macros
for the web page and I have a little Fortran running
on the server to make it happen.  I may be able to add
some more features, such as tracking dependencies, references
and history.  But that's for the future.

Members can always upload papers to the members area
on the server using sftp or scp.

I better get back to work, the term at GMU starts today.


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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