(j3.2006) Fortran 2003 compiler features

David Muxworthy d.muxworthy
Thu Jan 11 08:47:14 EST 2007

The following is sent on behalf of Ian Chivers.  Please reply
to him at ian.chivers at chiversandbryan.co.uk, not to me.


I am interested in providing a list of compilers that
implement one or more features of the 2003 standard.

I want to include this in the April edition of Fortran Forum
and I'll also add it to the Fortran resource file that Jane and
I have up at king's.

I've taken the list of features from an article
by John Reid. I've added the two TRs, 15580 and 15581.
Should they be there on their own?

I would like each of the compiler vendors to
provide details of what they implement -
maybe full, partial, as an option?

If they think there are things that are missing
I will gladly add them.

I've attached a spreadsheet with the list of features and
the compiler vendors.

If people could email me with the completed spreadsheet
I'll pull  things togethor and send copies back to people
before the article goes to print.

Layout ruined by my email client :-(

Text Version

Fortran 2003 Compiler Features

	Absoft	Apogee	Compaq	Cray	Fortran	Fujitsu	Gnu	G95	Hewlett	IBM	Intel	 
Lahey	NAG	NA	NEC	PathScale	PGI	Salford	SGI	Sun
					Company		Fortran 95		Packard			Fujitsu		Software				Software

Data enhancements and object orientation
Parameterized derived types
Procedure pointers
Procedures bound by name to a type
The PASS attribute
Procedures bound to a type as operators
Type extension
Overriding a type-bound procedure
ASSOCIATE construct
Polymorphic entities
SELECT TYPE construct
Deferred bindings and abstract types
Miscellaneous enhancements
Structure constructors
The allocate statement
Assignment to an allocatable array
Transferring an allocation
More control of access from a module
Renaming operators on the USE statement
Pointer assignment
Pointer INTENT
The VOLATILE attribute
The IMPORT statement
Intrinsic modules
Access to the computing environment
Support for international character sets
Lengths of names and statements
"Binary, octal and hex constants"
Array constructor syntax
Specification and initialization expressions
Complex constants
Changes to intrinsic functions
Controlling IEEE underflow
Another IEEE class value
Input/output enhancements
Derived type input/output
Asynchronous input/output
FLUSH statement
IOMSG= specifier
Stream access input/output
ROUND= specifier
DECIMAL= specifier
SIGN= specifier
Kind type parameters of integer specifiers
Recursive input/output
Intrinsic function for newline character
Input and output of IEEE exceptional values
Comma after a P edit descriptor
Interoperability with C
Interoperability of intrinsic types
Interoperability with C pointers
Interoperability of derived types
Interoperability of variables
Interoperability of procedures
Interoperability of global data
? ISO TR 15580 IEEE Arithmetic
? ISO TR 15581 Allocatable Enhancements


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