(j3.2006) (j3.2005) Re: question on token replacement/concatenation

Bill Long longb
Tue Jan 9 13:43:39 EST 2007

Suppose we decided (I am certainly NOT proposing this) to use { } as 
delimiters for comments embedded within statements.   That would make 
other uses of { } pretty limited.  The point is to not rule out possible 
uses of { } unnecessarily.

On the other hand,


seems pretty natural to me.  We already use seemingly extraneous ( ) 
around actual arguments in procedure calls to alter how the argument is 
interpreted. A similar use for macro actual arguments seems quite 


Aleksandar Donev wrote:

>On Tuesday 09 January 2007 06:05, Craig Rasmussen wrote:
>>I second Bill's suggestion to reserve {} for something more significant.
>That is fine, but what does "reserve" mean? The whole point of using {} is 
>that that makes it simpler to use it in Fortran (non-macro) syntax later. 
>Just using:
>EXPAND M(X={{some_new_syntax}})
>will get you curly braces. I don't see what the problem is and why anything 
>needs to be reserved.
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