(j3.2006) TKR for C Interop

Bill Long longb
Tue Feb 27 19:08:22 EST 2007

Aleksandar Donev wrote:

>I am saying that in the TR we should allow class(*) dummies in interfaces of 
>interoperable procedures, but not for actual Fortran procedures. Why is this 
>a non-starter? 

Because class(*) dummies are currently allowed in actual Fortran 
procedures.  They are currently not allowed for interoperable 
procedures.  So what you are suggesting is exactly backwards of the 
current standard.  One could consider adding them for interoperable 
procedures (though I do not think this is a good idea).  However, you 
cannot say they are no longer allowed in an actual Fortran procedure.

>Is there a technical reason or is it because you *think* that 
>there should be no difference between interface blocks and actual procedure 

Seems pretty consistent with the spirit of interfaces.


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