(j3.2006) Interesting F2003-ism

Dan Nagle dannagle
Sat Feb 24 08:22:52 EST 2007


Aleksandar Donev wrote:


> Sorry, you misread what I said. I did not say that libraries that "just 
> move data from one place to another" are relevant. I said that there are 
> other C/C++ libraries that are relevant and do much more than that.

Sorry, you snipped the important part of my post.
Since the *examples* of va_arg in the *C standard* show
no more than copying the va_arg *into an array* for further processing,
why is Fortran's array assignment not capable of doing that,
without the wrapper function?

That is, instead of having a wrapper function build an array
from the va_args, why not have the caller simply [ arg1, arg2, ... ] ??

I think Bill is right, being able to build arrays and assign arrays
reduces the new functionality that va_arg would bring to Fortran.


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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