(j3.2006) Interesting F2003-ism

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Thu Feb 22 17:51:30 EST 2007

Bill Long wrote:
> The interop TR is for assumed-shape, allocatable, pointer, and optional 
> dummy arguments.  The capability discussed above has nothing to do with 
> any of those attributes.
In your short-sighted view of Interop, in which you think most 
interoperable routines are written in C and you want C users to call 
fast numerical Fortran routines, maybe it has nothing to do. But in the 
real world, in which Fortran scientific programemrs also need to rely on 
using lots of libraries written by their colleagues in C/C++, it is 
essential. No one in C will write two different procedures, one to 
handle an assumed shape array of rank-1, and another of rank-2, up to 
15. It is a complete and useless waste of time for everyone and is what 
gives Fortran its bad name...

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