(j3.2006) Interesting F2003-ism

Aleksandar Donev donev1
Thu Feb 22 16:26:41 EST 2007

Bill Long wrote:
> Suppose, for the example above, the user writes (in Fortran) subroutines 
> p_A and p_B
You can suppose that but I certainly do not recommend that such a thing 
be allowed. As Van pointed out, I specifically was talking about interfaces.

We have talked within the context of the Assumed-shape Interop TR of 
allowing the same C procedure to have several Fortran interfaces, as 
this is crucial for allowing the same descriptor to be used independent 
of TKR info for the array arguments. It is also useful in existing F2003 
to allow one to sometimes call a C procedure with a scalar and other 
times with an array actuals (something people do all the time):

   interface x1(p)
     real :: p
   end interface
   interface x2(p)
     real :: p(*)
   end interface

This is all fine and nice but it does not provide anything for the case 
I was talking about when there are two interfaces in different modules! 
It is about basic name-space management.

The LANG="" idea sounds good to me, it would help with both issues. But 
I do claim that this is not F2013 or whatever, it is Interop TR! We must 
have it for the TR to make any practical sense...


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