(j3.2006) Interesting F2003-ism

malcolm at nag-j.co.jp malcolm
Thu Feb 22 16:33:13 EST 2007

  "Andy Vaught" <andyv at firstinter.net>

> It is the only way that one can
> directly call a C subroutine with a variable argument list.

No, one cannot call a C subroutine with a variable argument list,
for the simple reason that it is prohibited.  See page 400

  "A Fortran procedure interface is interoperable with a C function
   prototype if ... the prototype does not have variable arguments
   denoted by the ellipsis".

In fact the two C prototypes that your example translates to
have different type and are neither compatible with one another
nor with printf.  I.e. it would not be standard C either.

Malcolm Cohen, Nihon Numerical Algorithms Group KK, Tokyo, Japan.

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