(j3.2006) [Fwd: Re: Fifty Years of Fortran]

Van Snyder van.snyder
Tue Feb 20 21:04:40 EST 2007

>From Peter Crouch, concerning the Fortran 50th anniversary meeting in London:
I am pleased to tell you that we had a very successful meeting in London 
on 25 January.  Of the 60 or so people who had expressed an interest in 
attending 57 signed in on the day, including two delegates from Sweden 
and one from Germany.

Almost all the presentations and other contributions to the meeting are 
now on the BCS Fortran Specialist Group website and are available from 
http://www.fortran.bcs.org/2007/jubileeprog.php.  There is a link 
towards the bottom of the page to some photographs which were taken at 
the meeting.  David Muxworthy, Vice-Chairman of the Fortran SG, has 
written a report of the meeting which is due to be published in the 
April issue of the ACM's Fortran Forum, I believe.


Peter Crouch
Tel:    0121 523 6756
E-mail: pccrouch at bcs.org.uk

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