(j3.2006) missing electrons

Dan Nagle dannagle
Sat Feb 17 15:20:41 EST 2007


I would put pictures on milk cartons, but electrons
are indistinguishable.  :-)  So I'll post here:

My notes show the following papers were amended,
but I didn't find the paper in the meeting daily directories:


If you believe my notes are in error, please post to the list
so everyone will know.  Otherwise, please post the paper
to the meeting daily (179/Friday) directory.


I also show 07-148 as amended, but I list it as withdrawn.

All other amended papers are in the Post directory
for meeting 179 (i.e., "Post-meeting r <n+1>").

BTW, I am posting the amended papers to the Post directory.
I am *not* copying all papers to the Post directory.
If this displeases anyone, please post to this list
so we can discuss the proper structure of the meeting directories.
I can copy files anywhere we want, so whatever people find helpful
is good with me.


And thanks to all for a very productive 179!


Dan Nagle
Purple Sage Computing Solutions, Inc.

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