(j3.2006) Question about co-arrays

Andy Vaught andyv
Fri Feb 9 00:57:44 EST 2007

On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Aleksandar Donev wrote:

> Andy Vaught wrote:
> >    So call a C subroutine.  It has the %p format that you want.

> That's what I do, but it is silly. It's like saying call C to determine 
> whether a C pointer is NULL. Why did we add C_ASSOCIATED?

  The problem can also be solved by calling a C subroutine that casts the
pointer to an integer.  If you want to do it in pure fortran, just
TRANSFER() the C_PTR to an appropriate integer.  I can't imagine that an
implementation would use a representation for C pointers that differs
from... a pointer.

  You just want new language features to solve a trivial problem that is
soluable in *multiple* other ways.


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