(j3.2006) Question about co-arrays

Bill Long longb
Thu Feb 8 09:42:15 EST 2007

Malcolm Cohen wrote:

>Bill wrote
>>if ... UPC interoperability, then this issue should be examined again.
>I think not.  Whatever relevance UPC has to the price of fish in Outer
>Mongolia, it has little relevance to C pointers (unless it is being
>suggested that we stop being interoperable with C and switch to UPC
>interop instead).

As the quoted text above says, I was talking about UPC 
interoperability.  Since UPC is a superset of C, I don't see that 
requiring us to stop being interoperable with C.  The original point was 
that a discussion of global C pointers rightly belongs in the context of 
UPC interop and not C interop.


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