(j3.2006) Question about IEEE assignment and derived types

Michael Ingrassia michaeli
Fri Dec 14 16:27:13 EST 2007

>Does that make the answer to all 5 questions "processor dependent"?

I guess you are referring to the sentence
"La decision de signaler une exception d'operation
invalide lors de la copie d'un non-nombre indicateur
sans changement de format est laissee au
realisateur comme option." ?  (Sorry about omitting the diacriticals.)

As I understand it, the implementor or realisateur might be interpreted
as including a language standards body.  
That is, this is a slightly different notion from
"processor dependent"--  if Fortran insisted you must always signal 
when copying a signaling NaN, that would be consistent with 754 but 
simultaneously inconsistent with leaving the answer as "processor dependent"
in the Fortran standard.

But the hardware is still the hardware, so maybe we won't all agree on
a definite answer.   My take is that copies based on intrinsic
assignment ought to signal, and copies based on memcpy-style memory
transferought ought not to signal, and I've lost track of which
sort of copy we modeled allocate+source on.
	--Michael I.

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