(j3.2006) Librarian stuff

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Tue Aug 28 02:24:52 EDT 2007

On Fri, 24 Aug 2007 00:46:04 +0900, Dan Nagle <dannagle at verizon.net> wrote:
> I still need 07-249r1

Sorry, I must have forgotten to copy it to the server at the time.
I've put it on the website (and fixed the problems I note below).

Jim Xia wrote:
> I'll submit 07-249r1 with edits as Malcolm suggested.

Please don't do that.  I already produced 07-249r1, we don't need
a different version.  Yes, the version you just placed on the
server is not quite right - the edits are wrong, it doesn't have
the trivial grammatical corrections I made, it doesn't have me as
the author, and the date is wrong too.

I said I'd done it, I just read out the changes because they were
trivial, I was in no way intending to ask anyone else to produce the

I've fixed the website copies now.

***Dan please note: Maybe Jim and I did something wrong, but the
upload2 script took the ".txt" extension off the filename and
just stored it as a bare "07-249r1".  I fixed that manually,
but if you've made recent changes to the upload2 script you
might want to double-check them.

***All please note: do not use the "upload2" script to upload
meeting paper revisions (that were made during the meeting), as
this gives the paper the wrong date (viz the date of the upload,
not the date of the revision at the meeting).  You should put
them in the "Post" directory of the j3-fortran.org psftp server,
and let Dan do his librarian magic updating the website afterwards.

Malcolm Cohen, Nihon Numerical Algorithms Group KK, Tokyo, Japan.

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